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Get involved

We offer various ways how to volunteer and contribute to the Library. If you don’t speak Czech, it is not an issue for us. We are trying to make our Library also English friendly, therefore the Czech language is not a must. Anything interesting and challenging for you?

The Librarian

The librarian comes to the Library in person and lends items from our inventory to the public, accepts down payments and rentals  in cash, and then takes things from people back and returns the down payments. To offer the best out of our Library services, having more librarians will help us to expand the opening hours and get us to local people in Brno closer. Wanna join our team?

The Editor

Do you enjoy spreading interesting ideas and incentives to protect the environment, sharing economy, and a sustainable lifestyle? Write and publish articles on the Library of Things website! The form and frequency will be discussed individually. Writing in English is not a problem at all.

Facebook Enthusiast

Do you understand social networks and Facebook especially? We are not looking for an expert, but an enthusiast who spends lot of time on Facebook and knows what’s IN. If you want to help us with the Facebook page of the Library of Things posts and keep the page updated and catchy, we look forward to talk to you!

Instagram Magician

Do you know the secrets of Instagram and gotta agree that no modern project can exist without this social network? Unfortunately, we don’t have time for Instagram that much. If you like Instagram and you want to help us, let us know!


Are you an active and busy person, but you still wanna get involved in running the Library? Even just occasionally. We like to organize creative workshops and meetings. Anyone who has an idea for a workshop (e.g. can sew fruit bags, do hanging flower pots, crafts, etc.) will find our support with the event organization! We will be happy if the Library becomes a dynamic place where useful and interesting events are happening.


Preparing events for the public and participating in fairs is a lot of work and we welcome everyone determined to help! For example, almost 100 people visit Swaps and we would appreciate during such events very much.

Looking forward to receiving a message from you!

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