Donate items

The library of things works on the principle of sharing. It is not our goal to buy items for our inventory, but to circulate things that someone already has and does not use.

Why donate

Does donation make sense and a difference?  We believe so. Have a good feeling of giving the second life to items that you would otherwise throw away, or just store at home without a purpose. Someone else who might live just a few blocks away would like to use that item and be happy, make his/her life easier by using the item. Tired of last year’s board game? We know a family who could play it and spend a nice weekend. Orienting to a new sport and the old equipment is useless to you? It will certainly find new fans in our Library.

What to donate

Not everything is suitable for borrowing, not everything could be useful. Ask yourself first:

What is the chance that this item will be borrowed?

We do not accept items of everyday use as e.g. pots or cutlery in the Library. But if it’s a giant pot you need for a gala dinner for twenty people once in a year, we want it!

Is this thing complete and works?

Only such things will be in the Library. No one can watch a movie via a broken projector, also one just can’t play with one petanque ball. We would like to borrow items that include manuals or user guides. If you have them, please remember to bring them together with the donated item.

Can it be easily carried?

The piano has a great sound, but we have limited spaces. Electronic keyboards are much easier for a potential lender to take from us from the door.

We don’t accept any books, CDs, or DVDs in the Library. There are other places to share these things.

How can I donate?

Email us or use the form below and we will contact you. Thank you!