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Our Team


Eva is getting in touch with you regarding the reservations, questions via Facebook or email. She is organizing events and workshops at Library’s premises and coordinating the volunteers.



You can meet Eliška during the opening hours and talk to her over the phone. She is sometimes posting on Facebook and helping with events and workshops.



Every project needs a supportive IT volunteer and a dedicated person, who spends a lot of time by building the website and online tools. Pavel helps us to turn our ideas into reality when comes to IT.



Are you following us on Facebook and Instagram? We have these active social accounts thanks to Míša! She is helping us to promote our Library and to establish new partnerships.



Terez discovered swaps of clothes many years ago and was organizing them as one of the first people in Brno on behalf of Mladiinfo ČR. She continues to organize them in our Library and works on the newsletter of Mladiinfo ČR, too.


Maks helps with the logistics of the public events and helps us with the event management.


Mladiinfo ČR is every year hosting volunteers from abroad, and some of them stayed in Brno. Enes stayed and continues to help us in the Library even nowadays.