How it works

Please read regulations before borrowing an item from the library:

Option 1 - Membership

  1. Join
    Use the form here to register to the library. Membership in the Library of Things Brno is free.
  2. Reserve thing
    Choose the thing you want to borrow. Select the best date & time for you. Confirm your reservation in the basket.
  3. Collect thing
    After the reservation has been approved, you can pick up the thing on the loan day during the opening hours at Štefánikova 40 in Brno. You will pay the the refundable deposit and the rent when you pick up the thing. The price for both is always listed in the catalogue for each thing.
  4. Return thing
    After using them, return the borrowed items back to the library.

Option 2 - One-time loan

If you do not want to become a member of the library and to enjoy the benefits of the membership, but in your case it is only a one-time loan, stop by at our address and choose what we have in stock (availability of the things can checked out online without registration). All administrative matters and fees for rent and refundable deposit will be dealt with in Mladiinfo ČR, z.s. office.

Return thing
After using them, return the borrowed items back to the library.

Library regulations

By borrowing the item you agree with the regulations of the Library of Things Brno

  1. Borrowing fee
    The borrowing fee, i. e. the price for borrowing the item from the Library of Things Brno (hereinafter referred to as “library”) inventory, is always stated in the catalogue for each item separately. This amount of money covers maintenance and reproduction costs, the running of the library, contributions to its other activities and additional costs. Any profit from the borrowing fees is spent on the operation and development of the project.
  2. Refundable deposit
    A refundable deposit is levied on the lender for each borrowed item, which is a measure against damage or theft.
    1. The value of the refundable deposit is always set in the catalogue for each item separately;
    2. The deposit is returned to the lender after a timely return of the undamaged item along with any accessories;
    3. In the case of damage to the item, the lender is charged the percentage of the deposit that the library retains;
    4. If the item is not returned, the library retains 100% of the deposit;
    5. If the lender does not return the item to the library in time, it is proceeded according to point 3d).
  3. Borrowing period
    1. The standard borrowing period is determined by 3 tariffs:
      • Tariff 1 = borrowing and returning within one single day of opening hours (example: borrowing a drill on Tuesday at 3pm and returning it at 6:30pm);
      • Tariff 2 = borrowing and returning the next day of opening hours (example: borrowing a sewing machine on Thursday at 5pm and returning it the following week on Tuesday at 6pm);
      • Tariff 3 = rent for one week (example: borrow a hair curler on Tuesday at 4pm and return it the following week on Tuesday at 6pm).
    2. The borrower who is registered in the library has the option to extend the borrowing period. The extension of the borrowing period is possible according to the aforementioned tariffs. Hence, the loan can be extended to the next day of opening hours or one week, which is also the maximum extension time. Prolongation must be done by sending a request to e-mail address no later than 24 hours before its expiration. The library may and may not agree to the extension. The extension of the borrowing period is valid only after the library has agreed to it in writing. The borrower must pay an additional fee for the extension of the lending period. The fee is charged by the lender. This additional fee is calculated according to the length of time for that the loan is extended for and corresponds to the price for borrowing the item according to the applicable tariff. The extension fee is paid to the lender when the item is returned.
    3. The borrowed item can only be returned during the opening hours of the library unless another agreement is made between the borrower and the lender.
    4. The borrower is obliged to return the borrowed thing on time. If the borrowing period is exceeded and the lend is not notified about this in advance, or an extension of the borrowing period is not approved, a penalty fee of 70 CZK for each commenced day exceeding the agreed borrowing period must be paid by the borrower.
    5. In case of theft or delay of the return of the item, the lender can contact the relevant department of the Police of the Czech Republic.
    6. The lender is not responsible for borrowers, who do not return the item on time. Therefore, the lender cannot guarantee that all items will be available on time, but will make every effort to avoid delays between one borrower’s return deadline for the thing and the pickup time for the next borrower.
  4. Declaration
    The borrower declares that he will use the borrowed item only for the usual activities and that he will use it in the normal manner. At the same time, he declares that he is aware of the principles of using the thing borrowed, condition of the item and during the use of the item he takes into account protection of his own health and health of those in the immediate vicinity. The lender assumes no liability for any damage caused to the lender while handling the borrowed items. In the event of an injury, other health complications or material damage - all caused by the borrowed object or in its use - the borrower takes full responsibility on himself, acts at his own risk, cannot claim any compensation from the lender and waives the possibility of claiming this in court.
  5. Checking of the item before and after borrowing
    Both parties declare that they have checked the functionality and status of the item together during the handing over of the item to the borrower. The lender also checks the agreed amount of the payment, the payment of the refundable deposit and the proper return of the item. When returning, the lender checks the condition of the item in the presence of the borrower. Any damage to the item must be reported to the lender by the borrower upon return. If a concealed fact is discovered by the lender, it has the right not to return the deposit to the borrower.
  6. Personal data processing
    Library of Things Brno, operated by Mladiinfo ČR, z.s, processes personal data of its users. This data will be processed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and with the regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (GDPR). This data will be processed:
    1. only for the purpose of website user profile administration within the Library of Things project in Brno, only in electronic form
    2. only for the the purpose of the order in the Library of Things Brno, only in paper form, while this personal data will no longer be stored after the return of the borrowed item.
    At any time the user has the right to access his/her personal data, to correct, or supplement his/her personal data. He/She can also request deletion, restriction of processing or transfer of personal data. Personal data will not be disclosed to a third party.
Thank you for respecting our rules. We look forward to meeting you at the Library of Things Brno!